AAEP Coronavirus Member Impact Report - May 2020

Member Impact Report

In April 2020, the AAEP surveyed its members to learn how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting them.

We've compiled the results of that survey into a report, which is available here.

Member Impact Report Data

In addition to publishing this report on our own site, we are providing it to leaders in state and federal government and to partners in the Experiential & Events Industry as we create awareness for the needs of our members. 

In summary:

Only 39% of respondents have enough savings to last beyond August 1, 2020. 

A majority of respondents do have health insurance, but about 28% do not, and the financial risks associated with illness, including contracting COVID-19, are compounded during the pandemic.

The event & experiential economy has been, and continues to be, uniquely and severely affected by the pandemic. Although some sectors in the economy will recover quickly, ours will not, because it is dependent upon large gatherings of people. Most workers in Event & Experiential Marketing need additional financial relief in order to cover basic living expenses. Relief should be targeted not only at individuals but at the small businesses in the Event & Experiential Marketing industry because most event workers depend upon a diverse array of businesses for their income.