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The AAEP is for people who want to be viewed as professionals in their career. People who take pride in representing themselves, and their brands, with excellence. Whether full-time or part-time, the AAEP is for the Brand Ambassadors, Field Managers, Promotional Models, Product Specialists, Tour Managers, and other event staff who are looking for: 

  • More and Better Work Opportunities 
  • Elevated Professional Status 
  • Accountability 
  • Career Development 
  • Consistent Training
  • Networking
  • Growth Opportunities

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The Benefits of Membership

Professionalization: By joining AAEP, you have an automatic endorsement. It's official: you are a MEMBER of the XM Industry, and you appear in the industry's only open, searchable database of professional members.

Accountability: One of the challenges that has faced Experiential Marketing as an industry is - let's just say it - fly by night, flaky people. We're working to eliminate that by making people's reputation public, providing an agreed upon code of conduct, and providing a means for members to file grievances. 

Career Development: In an industry made up of freelancers and short-term employees, who is offering development? We are. Through ongoing learning opportunities available exclusively to members.

There’s more: check it out on our benefits page.


Discount Pricing - 50% Discount

Membership to the AAEP is affordable. At $99 per year, it’s far less than other professional organizations, which run between $249 - $1500 depending on the industry. As an emerging organization, we offered the first 1,000 charter members a discount of just $49. We've long since surpassed the first 1,000 members, but we are continuing the 50% discount as a response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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